FAQ's - Rude Eye


Here are some answers to a few of the more common questions we have received ….

Why buy from Rude Eye?

We are one of the only companies offering quality, great value, ready to wear reading glasses made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and food containers. With nearly 10 year’s experience in the industry, we take huge pride in the design and quality of the sustainable, recycled products we sell. Available in classic and fashionable easy to wear styles that are perfect for everyday use. We also offer blue light blocking glasses for adults and children, with anti-glare lenses, to protect your eyes from digital devices and enhance your screen viewing experience. We hope you will love your glasses when they arrive but, if for any reason, you do not, we want to put that right as quickly as possible so that you’ll want to visit our shop again.

Where do you ship to?

At the moment we are only able to ship within the UK

What’s the cost of shipping?

Free 3 day shipping

How do you ship them?

We ship via Royal mail using small boxes that fit through your letterbox, so there’s no need for you to be in. We aim to dispatch the same day we receive the order where possible and you can expect them to arrive within 2-3 business days of confirmation.

Where can I buy them?

You can now buy directly from the website or you can also find on Ebay, at Rude Eye Readers, but we hope you stick with us here.

What if I want to return my glasses?

We check all the glasses before we send them out but occasionally we might miss something, we're only human after all!
So if they are faulty in any way, you may return them for a full refund or exchange if you prefer.
On the other hand, perhaps they don't quite suit or you ordered the wrong lens strength, in which case we're happy to exchange them or offer a refund.
Get in touch via the Contact Us page where we will be happy to help. See our returns policy for more details.

What are they made from?

The frames are all made from a regenerated material called rPCTG. This is made from recycled plastic water bottles and food containers. While this is also widely recyclable, it is not yet possible to do this via your domestic roadside collections. The lenses are made from standard optical quality acrylic. As of now, it isn’t possible to make optical quality lenses from recycled materials but we will continue to follow developments and use these when it is safe to do so.

Do I get a pouch?

For every order we receive, we will pop a soft microfibre drawstring pouch in the box with your frames. This can protect your frames from scratches and doubles as a cleaning cloth for your lenses. It is made from a recycled material called rPET which is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Where are they manufactured?

Made in China, we cannot escape the fact that these are produced on the other side of the world, so we are taking part in a carbon offset scheme whereby we make a contribution to a tree planting programme to counter the environmental impact of shipping the goods to our distribution site in the UK and onwards to our customers. We are proud to be supporting the Eden Reforestation Projects.

What are the lenses made from?

For the adult frames we use acrylic, optical quality lenses that are smudge, scratch and impact resistant. Our blue light blocking lenses have zero power but have an anti-glare blue light blocking coating to protect your eyes from digital devices and enhance your screen viewing experience. The Mini Wayfarer frame has polycarbonate lenses with the same blue light blocking coating as the adult blue light blockers.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

In today’s digital age, most of us, including our children, spend a lot of time staring at screens. We are using the internet to research, shop or comment and post on social media or play computer games to unwind. Whether that’s on your phone, a tablet or a laptop, it can be bad for your eyes because digital devices emit a lot of blue light which reduces contrast. Recent studies have suggested this can contribute to digital eye strain, blurred vision, dry eye, macular degeneration, and cataracts.
It is also thought to cause sleep issues. Exposure to all colours of light helps control our natural sleep-and-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. Blue light, more so than any other colour, messes with your body's ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy. It signals to your brain to wake up when it should be winding down. In one study, as little as 2 hours of exposure to blue light at night slowed or stopped release of this sleep hormone and, as children are even less able to filter blue light, they are at greater risk of it’s potential harmful effects.
Our blue light blocking frames, Hardy for older teens and adults and Potter for children aged 7+ have a zero power lens (no magnification) but have a special coating to help block the blue light, prevent eye strain and minimise the harmful effects described above.