Sustainability - Rude Eye


Here at rudeeye® it’s all about offering carefully selected, great quality reading glasses at a very affordable price and with an emphasis on sustainable materials.

Manufacturing in plastic has the potential to operate virtually within a circular economy and new ways to use regenerated or recyclable materials are being developed all the time. We are determined to operate in a manner that puts environmental sustainability as a necessity. 

We have worked collaboratively with our suppliers to develop a small, classic collection of frames which is not only made from 100%* regenerated water bottles and food containers (rPCTG) but is also recyclable. Our branded pouch, for protecting your frames and cleaning your lenses, is also microfibre made from regenerated plastic water bottles (rPET) with a cotton drawstring.

In addition, while we cannot escape the fact that these are produced on the other side of the world, we are taking part in a carbon offset scheme, whereby we make a contribution to Eden Reforestation Projects to more than offset the environmental impact of shipping the goods to our distribution site in the UK and onwards to our customers. We chose Eden Reforestation Projects because we really like what they’re doing. Check them out!

 *Only the frames are made from 100% recycled plastic. The lenses are made from optical quality acrylic or polycarbonate. We will endeavour to use recycled plastic lenses once there is a well recognised and safe option available.