Our Story - Rude Eye

Our Story

Creating rude eye®

Lockdown gave us the time to explore new avenues on the work front. We seized the opportunity to set up a business utilising the knowledge, expertise and passion we have gained through our lives. So rude eye® was created with a desire to be as planet conscious as possible, using recycled/recyclable materials available and operating in a sustainable manner. We also continue looking for ways to increase our sustainability.

We live in a truly beautiful world. The very least we can all do is make the effort to maintain that beauty and where possible reverse the damage that we have inflicted. Reusing waste plastic bottles to make our products required finding manufacturing partners who could support our values. Instead of ending up in landfill sites, floating on the sea or discarded on the roadside, plastic bottles become our glasses frames and pouches and, the fantastic fact is, we don’t believe you will be able to tell the difference!

This is just the beginning of the story as there are many other shapes and colours we’d like to add to the rude eye® range.


We simply couldn’t have got this far without the help and support of some very special people. The lovely Matt Cox at www.newmanandeastwood.com  for his branding expertise and ability to understand and interpret the essence of what we wanted to achieve not to mention the brilliant vision for future ad campaigns, Neil Harper at www.zephyrus.digital for the beautiful website design and no amount of patience, Stewart Grant at www.sgrant.co.uk for the precision product photography and the participation of his two gorgeous children, David Hodgkinson at www.davidhodgkinsonphotography.com  for the most fun on a photoshoot, Sarah Harris www.magnesiumcollective.com for her invaluable help and the best tag line ever, and to all the wonderful family and friends ( especially Mr D – our man in Italy!) who have supported, encouraged and championed us to persevere – you know who you all are – Thank you x